The Teeth Implants Procedure

The Teeth Implants Procedure In Boulder

dental implant procedure in Boulder and Lafayette COWith every treatment we offer in our Boulder dental office in Lafayette CO, we take time with each and every patient to make sure they are comfortable with the procedure. The tooth implant procedure is no exception. On this page we will give you a high level understanding of the dental implant procedure and would then invite you to call or email us with any additional questions you may have. Be sure to ask if mini implants or implant supported dentures are an option.


As we cover the steps of the tooth implant procedure, please remember that Dr. West and his staff will make sure you are calm, comfortable and relaxed the entire time. We don’t just want you to be thrilled with the results, we strive to make the actual dental implant procedure as pleasant as possible for clients near Longmont and surrounding areas!

  1. CONSULTATION | Dr. West teeth implants dentist Boulder and Longmontwill meet with you to understand your situation and your goals for your smile. He will then examine your teeth to determine if your are a candidate for a tooth implant procedure.
  2. PREPARATION | Your teeth are prepped for the tooth implant procedure by removing teeth (if they are being replaced), planning implant placement and taking molds of the teeth to be replaced or designing the tooth replacement(s) to match the rest of your smile.
  3. PLACING IMPLANT(S) | Once the thorough preparation is complete, Dr. West will place the implants in the stead of your natural tooth root(s).
  4. HEALING | Depending on your natural healing abilities and the extent of the work you had done, your implants and surrounding tissue will heal in 3-6 months. During this period of the dental implant procedure your implants will stabilize and “fuse” with the jaw bone to form a stable foundation for your tooth restoration(s)
  5. RESTORATION | Dr. West will then place beautiful and amazingly natural looking restorations (dental crown, dental bridge or denture) on your new implants to complete the dental implant procedure.

Call us at our Lafayette CO dentist office and schedule a visit to learn more about the tooth implant procedure. We proudly help patients from all over the Boulder – Longmont area, so don’t wait!