Single Tooth Replacement

Missing Tooth Replacement In Boulder

missing tooth replacement with a dental implant in Boulder and Longmont

Do you have a missing tooth or know that you might need to have a tooth removed? Tooth replacement does not need to be a scary thing for you. Dr. West offers top quality dental implant solutions at his Lafayette CO dentist office that will help you get on with life sporting a sturdy and bright smile. We also go to great lengths to ensure each and every patient is comfortable when they visit and receive a tooth replacement using a dental implant.

On this page we will outline the tooth replacement procedure using a dental implant as well as the benefits of using a dental implant.


The benefits of choosing a dental implant for a tooth replacement are many.
dental implant tooth replacement Lafayette CO dentist BoulderSTURDY | A dental implant is incredibly strong and forms a remarkably sturdy base on which to place a single tooth replacement. Patients throughout Longmont don’t have to worry about their dental implant coming loose randomly or popping out, leaving you with a missing tooth again.
PERMANENT | Dental implants make for a great replacement for a missing tooth because a properly placed and healed dental implant can last as long or longer than you. No need to get a new implant every few years.
LOW MAINTENANCE | Using a dental implant and single tooth replacement allows clients in the Lafayette CO areas to care for their smile just as they normally would. Brush, floss and you’ll be good to go.
GREAT LOOKING | The tooth replacements Dr. West offers look and feel just like a natural, beautiful tooth.

If you have a missing tooth and are considering a dental implant for a tooth replacement, come on in for a visit and find out if this is indeed the best option for you. If you are indeed able to receive a dental implant as a missing tooth replacement, you’ll be in great hands, so call today! Our Boulder office also serves patients from Longmont and Lafayette CO, so make the quick trip for your dental implant procedure!