Multiple Tooth Replacement

Common Multiple Tooth Replacement Options for Boulder

dental bridge for missing teeth in Boulder and Lafayette CO

Individual Crowns | If you have a few random missing teeth, our individual implants and dental crowns might work better for you. If your missing teeth are side-by-side, you still have the option of individual implants and crowns, but you may also want to think about a dental bridge.

Dental Bridge | A dental bridge consists of a series of teeth which are attached together to form a “bridge.” The bridge is attached between two teeth, whether natural or implants, to fill the gap caused by your missing teeth. Many our our patients living in the Longmont and Lafayette CO areas like the dental bridge option for multiple tooth replacement.

Multiple Tooth Replacement Procedure

For your comfort and convenience, we can perform this entire procedure in our very own office! Dr. Johns and Dr. West are here to replace your missing teeth through the following process:

  1. Consultation | The implant dentist, either Dr. Johns or Dr. West, examines your mouth to determine which multiple tooth replacement option will work best for you. Whether individual implants or a dental bridge will benefit you, Dr. West and Dr. Johns will take care of you.
  2. Preparation | If you have any teeth that need to be removed, we can help you feel comfortable while we remove the teeth. Your implant dentist creates a plan to place the implants for your missing teeth. Once you’re finished, you will move on to the multiple tooth replacement portion of the procedure.
  3. Placement | We carefully place your new dental implants to fill in the gaps where you’ve lost teeth. The number and placement of your implants may vary based on your health and your unique needs.
  4. Healing | As the implants and your jaw heal after the placement procedure, the dental implants integrate with the surrounding supportive tissue to become strong and stable.
  5. Restoration | The final step in the multiple tooth replacement procedure is to place the permanent restorations, which may be individual dental crowns or a dental bridge.

If you still have questions, we are here to answer them! We can also provide a consultation that will help you decide how dental implants can best meet your needs.

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