Multiple Tooth Replacement


dental bridge for missing teeth in Boulder and Lafayette CO

INDIVIDUAL CROWNS | If your missing teeth are not all side-by-side, individual implants and dental crowns might be the best solution for you. If your missing teeth are side-by-side you still have the option of individual implants and crowns, but you may also consider a dental bridge.
DENTAL BRIDGE | A dental bridge is a series of teeth which are attached together. These connected teeth are attached between two teeth (or teeth implants in this case) to fill the gap your missing teeth cause — hence the name “dental bridge”. Dental bridges are a popular option for many patients from Longmont and throughout Lafayette CO for multiple tooth replacement.


  1. Consult : Implant dentist Dr. West will examine your missing teeth and help you determine what the best multiple tooth replacement option is for you. Whether individual implants or a dental bridge is the most appropriate, Dr. West will make sure you are well taken care of.
  2. Prepare : If any teeth need to be removed, Dr. West can comfortably complete this process for you. He will then make a plan to best place the implants for your missing teeth. Once you and he are happy with the thorough preparation steps, you will move on to the actual multiple tooth replacement portion of the procedure.
  3. Place : Your new dental implants will be carefully placed where your missing teeth are. If you are receiving a dental bridge, the number and placement of your implants may vary.
  4. Heal : As the implants and surrounding area heal after the placement procedure, the implants will become strong and sturdy as they fuse with the surrounding supportive tissue.
  5. Restore : The final step in the multiple tooth replacement procedure is to place the final restorations. These restorations can be individual dental crowns or a dental bridge.

If you are in need of a multiple tooth replacement solution, schedule a visit with us today to meet Dr. West in Lafayette CO and find out what dental technology option is best for you if you are in the Boulder – Longmont area!