Meet Dr. West

Experienced Dental Implant Dentist In Lafayette CO

Dr. Gordon West - Dental Implant Dentist in Lafayette CODental implant dentist Dr. Gordon West is a 1998 graduate of The Marquette School of Dentistry and has practiced exclusively in Colorado since his graduation. Dr. West completed his residency at Denver General, where he studied advanced emergency medicine and comprehensive care of patients with complex medical histories. Dr. Gordon West always stays abreast of the latest technologies for dental implant dentists and by attending continuing education seminars around the country. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, cosmetics, occlusion, and dental implants. Dr. West was born in Sitka, Alaska, where his father practiced dentistry from the 1960′s through the 1990′s. Dental implant dentist Dr. West is committed to providing a high level of patient care in a relaxed, professional, and caring atmosphere.

The Children of Dr. Gordon West

Dr. West and his wife Melanie live in Lafayette, CO where they enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities including, camping, backpacking, fishing, cycling, and skiing. They have a two year old, Sydney, who is walking and keeping life very busy. Sydney’s best friend is a 7 year old chocolate lab, Chili Dog. In the fall of 07, Dr. West had identical twin girls named Emerson and Mackenzie.

Melanie and Chilli - Wife and dog of Dr. Gordon West - Dental Implant Dentist
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Syd And Dr. West - Dental Implant Dentist Lafayette CO