Implant-Anchored Dentures Can Give You Back Your Life

why are implant dentures better

Are you one of the many denture wearers in ?

Do your dentures minimize your quality of life? If so, we offer our condolences. For some people, dentures are only slightly better than a toothless mouth.

The dilemmas never end…

They make normal eating hard. They make speaking difficult. And they consistently rub against your gums and cause sores. 

That’s not all. They can make it impossible to taste food. You need relines regularly because your mouth shape is changing.

Let’s talk about the collateral problems

When you can’t taste food, you may lose your appetite. When you can’t chew food very well, you are less likely to eat a variety of healthy foods like raw vegetables. When your gums are sore, it may bring about poor sleep.

What about the psychological impact? Ill-fitting dentures can reduct your self-esteem. You may hesitate to attend social functions because it’s embarrassing when they slide around in your mouth.

And they make you feel so…old. 

Attention  denture wearers: implant-anchored dentures can give you back your life!

There is hope.

Dental implant technology offers a much better restoration solution. If you currently wear conventional dentures and are not happy with them, let’s implant anchored dentures. With implant-anchored dentures, you receive stable posts inserted directly into your jaw bone. Permanent dentures attach to the posts. You get stability, beauty, and near-normal function.

Implant-anchored dentures offer the following:

  • Natural function
  • Stability
  • Self-confidence

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