How to Choose an Implant Dentist

Find Your Implant Dentist In Boulder

best dentist in Boulder and Longmont for dental implantsChoosing an implant dentist is not something to take lightly. Dental implants are permanent and should be placed correctly. Any mistakes can mean a lot of money, time and discomfort for you. To help you in your decision making process, we’ve provided some criteria to consider when choosing your dental implant dentist.


GREAT REPUTATION | Your dental implant dentist should have positive reviews and testimonials. Dr. West’s patients rave about the great results they receive as well as the great experiences they have when visiting. In fact, every reviewer on Google Reviews has given us a 5 star rating and another recommendation service shows that 998 out of 1000 of our patients would refer their friends and family from Boulder, Longmont and Lafayette CO areas to us!
EXPERIENCE | Your dental implant dentist Should be experienced. We have placed hundreds (if not thousands) of dental implants successfully in our Boulder County Smiles office. Dr. Gordon West has the experience you can trust in.

dental implants dentist Lafayette CO and Longmont for implant dentistry

DENTAL TECHNOLOGY | Your dental implant dentist should utilize the latest in dental technology. Dr. West invests in the best dental technology to make sure our patients are comfortable during treatment and receive the best final results possible. We definitely keep up with dental technology, like titanium dental implants.
CONCERNED WITH COMFORT | Your dental implant dentist should make sure you are comfortable. We put a lot of thought into every step of our patients’ visits to make sure they are always comfortable and that we are doing everything we can to make our patients’ experiences here pleasant and enjoyable, especially when they travel from Longmont or other cities. Whether it is an advanced piece of dental technology or a soothing blanket to calm you, we’re here for you!
ARTISTRY | Your dental implant dentist should be an artist. Your smile is your face’s showpiece. Dr. West has the artistic talent to bring your smile to life and be as beautiful and natural looking as possible!

We know choosing a dental implant dentist can feel overwhelming. You are absolutely welcome to stop in for a visit to get a feel for our practice and the dental technology we offer. You may just discover for yourself while you’re here why our patients will travel from Lafayette CO communities and why they love us so much. Call or visit us today if you are in the Boulder – Longmont area!

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