Common Questions About Tooth Implant Dentistry In Boulder

Do you offer sedation dentistry?
Yes! Sedation dentistry allows a patient to feel comfortable through an implant dentistry procedure. Teeth implant patients are offered dental sedation options, depending on their needs. Many people are hesitant to undergo an implant dentistry procedure due to fear of pain, or fear of dentists. Don’t let this prevent you from getting the dental care you need. Our implant dentist offers dental sedation to help our Boulder County patients receive top-quality implant dentistry.

Does a teeth implant procedure hurt?
Our staff prides itself on the degree of attention we give to each and every patient who range from Longmont to Lafayette CO. Our implant dentist is no different. We take great steps (including offering dental sedation) to make sure our patients have the best and most comfortable experience with our implant dentist as possible and a worry free dental implant procedure.

Is Dr. Gordon West a trusted implant dentist?
Dr. Gordon West has firmly established himself as a reputable implant dentist among our patients from Longmont, Boulder or Lafayette CO; and our team is known for VIP treatment of all our patients. Implant dentistry is a serious business and we have a fantastic reputation for teeth implant results.

How long do dental implants take to heal?
Teeth implant healing periods depend on the individual. Usually implant dentistry patients heal in about three to six months. Your healing period will depend on how well you take care of yourself as well. Don’t worry, implant dentist Dr. West will give you tips and advice to heal as quickly as possible.

Is implant dentistry safe?
The short and definitive answer is YES! Our Boulder implant dentist and team takes tremendous care of every patient that visits us. We have the training and technology to ensure your teeth implant procedure goes smoothly for all our patients, especially those who travel from Longmont or Lafayette CO.

If you have any other questions about implant dentist Dr. Gordon West or anything regarding the teeth implant procedure, feel free to give us a call! Proudly serving the  Longmont and Lafayette CO communities!