Dental Implants


A dental implant is a type of replacement tooth root, usually made of titanium and placed in the jaw. The titanium post is made to hold a replacement tooth or a type of dental bridge in place. Each dental implant is permanent and stable, unlike traditional bridgework. This allows the existing teeth to remain undisturbed.

A dental implant can also help prevent bone loss that is associated with missing teeth. In fact, the implant can even encourage bone regrowth. Most of all, dental implants and tooth replacements are made to look and feel like natural teeth.

In most cases, dental implants are used when a tooth is lost to gingivitis or gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. For many years the only options available to patients who suffered tooth loss were dentures or dental bridges.

With advanced dental technology and the experienced of our trained dentists, Dr. West and Dr. Johns, we can provide patients with dental implants. We can also color match your implant to match your tooth color, so your replacements blend in with your natural teeth.

Bone Loss and Missing Teeth

Blue Eyed and Beautiful

When a person has loose dentures or missing teeth, the lack of tooth roots can lead to premature aging and bone loss.

If a person loses one or more teeth, a chain of events may follow that can have unwanted cosmetic and physical consequences. Even a single missing tooth can cause negative changes in your smile and your oral health.

Other consequences to missing teeth include the lost ability to chew properly while eating the foods you love, not being able to enjoy a nutritious diet, and even bone loss in the chin and jaw. This can change the shape of your face in terms of both muscle and bone structures.

Modern Dental Implants

Our modern dental implants are created as precision devices, which are available in a number of customized designs to address your individual needs. Dr. West and Dr. Johns provide services from start to finish, so your dental implant process takes place entirely in our office.

For your comfort, we even offer dental sedation options! We want you to feel at ease while we restore your smile.

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