Benefits of Tooth Implants

Tooth Implants – The Superior Choice In Boulder

Along with the evident restoration of a patient’s smile, more benefits are available to you when receiving tooth implants from Dr. West or Dr. Johns at our Lafayette CO dentist office. We want to highlight some of the more noticeable and appreciated benefits of dental implants and implant supported dentures.

  • Improved Appearance | Tooth implants can feel and look like your natural teeth. The dental implant is designed to integrate and fuse with the jaw bone, so the tooth implants become permanent. We can create a beautiful restoration that is permanently affixed to your new dental implant.
  • Improved Comfort | Removable dentures can become problematic over time, especially as the shape of your mouth changes due to tooth loss. Your jaw is also continuing to lose density. Fortunately, implant supported dentures are permanent, which means the denture feels comfortable and works just like your natural teeth.
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  • Improved Speech | When a patient has poor fitting or loose dentures, the teeth can slip or slide when the patient tries to talk. Implant supported dentures are permanently placed, which means our patients throughout Lafayette, CO can live worry-free.
  • Improved Ability To Eat | Another problem with traditional dentures is the fact that they can make chewing difficult. Implant supported dentures are designed to function like your natural teeth, so you can eat all your favorite foods without pain or worry.
  • Convenience | Traditional dentures need to be taken out to be cleaned, and then put back in with an adhesive gel. Our implant supported dentures eliminate the need for messy adhesives and deep cleanings!
  • Durability | When patients from Boulder properly care for their tooth implants or implant supported dentures, these restorations can last a lifetime. The dental implants that are designed and provided by Dr. West and Dr. Johns are made to be durable for a lifetime of smiles.
  • Improved Oral Health | A tooth-supported bridge requires the dentist to prepare other teeth to support the implant. However, with dental implants, we eliminate the need for this preparation. This allows you to keep more of your natural teeth intact, improving your overall oral health. The insertion of individual implants also allows you to clean more easily between the teeth.

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