Benefits of Tooth Implants

Tooth Implants – The Superior Choice In Boulder

Along with the obvious of restoring a patient’s smile, there are many benefits to be had when receiving tooth implants from Dr. West at our Lafayette CO dentist office. The following list highlights some of the most noticeable and appreciated benefits of having tooth implants or implant supported dentures.

IMPROVED APPEARANCE | A dental implant will feel and look like a patient’s natural tooth. Since the dental implant is designed to actually fuse with the jaw bone, the tooth implants will become permanent. A beautifully crafted restoration can be affixed to your new dental implant permanently.

IMPROVED COMFORT | Removable dentures may be poorly fit or loose when they are designed. This can create many problems, including the continuing loss of bone in the jaw. implant supported dentures, on the other hand, are permanent, which means they are comfortable and work as real teeth do.

dental implant supported dentures Boulder dentist LongmontIMPROVED SPEECH | When a patient has poor fitting or loose dentures, the teeth may slip and fall out of position when they speak. This can cause the person to slur or mumble their words. Implant supported dentures are permanent, which means that patients throughout Lafayette, CO do not have to fear that their teeth may slip.

IMPROVED ABILITY TO EAT | Another problem with slipping and sliding dentures is the fact that they make chewing extremely difficult, if not impossible. Implant supported dentures function like a person’s natural teeth, allowing them to eat all of their favorite foods without pain or the fear of malfunctioning dentures.

CONVENIENCE | When patients near Longmont have removable dentures, they must be taken in and out, which is unnatural. implant supported dentures will remove the embarrassing necessity of constantly removing a set of dentures. The permanent implants also eliminate the need for the use of any type of messy adhesive to keep them in the proper place.

DURABILITY | When patients from Boulder properly care for their tooth implants or implant supported dentures, they can last a lifetime. The dental implants (tooth implants) that are designed and provided by Dr. West are made to be durable and last many years.

IMPROVED ORAL HEALTH | When you have a bridge that is tooth supported put in, it requires the dentist to reduce other teeth to support the implant. However, with the use of dental implants, there is no need for the reduction of other teeth, which allows a patient to have more of their natural teeth left intact, which will actually improve their overall oral health. Additionally, with the insertion of individual implants, patients are able to clean more easily between the teeth.

If you are interested in the benefits offered by dental implants (tooth implants), call the office of dental implant dentist Dr. Gordon West to schedule a visit if you are in the Boulder area, from Longmont to Lafayette CO!