Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

Tooth Replacement Options For Boulder Patients

teeth implants and tooth replacement in Boulder and Lafayette CO

How can you tell if you are a candidate for teeth implants or if teeth implants are really the best option for you? On this page we will cover typical situations for our tooth replacement patients in the Boulder area who opted for implant dentistry and the benefits you can experience from implant dentistry.


Implant dentistry has changed the game when it comes to receiving a tooth replacement. Teeth implants actually replace the root of your natural tooth. These teeth implants then provide a permanent anchor on which to place a beautiful tooth replacement that is firmly attached and natural functioning.


Just because you need a tooth replacement doesn’t automatically mean teeth implants are the best solution. Sometimes a tooth root is still salvageable and you may only need a dental crown for your tooth instead of a tooth implant procedure. For our patients who range from Longmont to Lafayette CO, typical implant dentistry candidates include:

  • implant dentistry with a Lafayette CO dentist LongmontThose with missing teeth who would prefer a sturdier and more permanent solution than a dental bridge. Teeth implants fill the void left by the missing tooth and help to preserve the supporting bone and soft tissue structure surrounding the tooth.
  • Some patients have such badly damaged teeth that they need to be extracted. In this case, implant dentistry is often suggested.
  • Implant dentistry has also changed the concept of dentures for many. If you have dentures and are tired of them slipping out and the restrictions they impose on your daily life, you may be interested in implant supported dentures. Implant supported dentures enable you to eat the foods you like, laugh and smile with your friend and family and reduce the maintenance traditional dentures require.

If you are in need of a tooth replacement, come in for a visit to find out if implant dentistry is right for you. Teeth implants have literally changed peoples’ lives for the better and we would be happy to offer you the same benefits our other implant dentistry patients have felt. Call us today if you are in the Boulder area, from Longmont to Lafayette CO!