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    implant dentistry with a Lafayette CO dentist BoulderAt the office of Dr. Gordon West in Lafayette CO, you will receive the highest quality and most comfortable implant dentistry care that will help you enjoy an entire lifetime of great dental health and aesthetics. Our highly-trained and respected team will put you at ease, while offering you exceptional care. We understand implant dentistry is tremendously beneficial but is also to be taken seriously. You may be amazed at how thoughtful Dr. West and his team are during every step of your dental implants treatment and add your testimonial to the rest of our thrilled patients throughout Longmont and Lafayette, CO.


    • All aspects of the dental implant procedure are done in the same Boulder office (diagnosis, placement and restoration). This means you will enjoy seamless treatments, familiarity with Dr. West and his caring team and the convenience of only visiting one office instead being sent to an oral surgeon.
    • We utilize cone beam 3D imaging technology. This enables us to pre-plan each and every implant procedure and place implants with remarkable precision.
    • We offer sedation dentistry in office to make implant procedures as comfortable as possible.


    Dental implants are artificial tooth roots used to replace missing teeth roots. Dental implants are tremendously popular with clients from Lafayette, CO for the many benefits they offer. Our implant dentistry services are frequently sought out by residents in the Longmont area as well. Though the dental implants themselves only fill the role of replacing your missing teeth roots, their versatility is exceptional.

    dental implants dentist Boulder and LongmontIMPLANT DENTISTRY BENEFITS

    Overstating the benefits of tooth implants would be a difficult task. To help you catch the vision for how wonderful implant dentistry is we’ve included a quick reference for you below delineating some of the most popular benefits associated with using dental implants to replace missing teeth:

    PERMANENT | Dental implants can permanently replace missing teeth. Dr. West can place dental implants so well that they will often last as long, or longer, than you.
    HEALTHY | Dental implants are a healthy missing teeth replacement option as they require less maintenance and they function just like your natural tooth root — meaning you can brush and floss like normal without additional worries or maintenance. They also help prevent bone loss brought about by missing teeth.
    VERSATILE | A dental implant can serve as a foundation for an individual dental crown, dental bridge, permanent dentures or any combination of those and other dental devices.

    If you have missing teeth and interested in implant dentistry, make us your first call! We look forward to meeting you! Please click on our link to hear how happy our patients are from the Longmont, Boulder and Lafayette, CO surrounding areas!

    To learn more about all of our dental services offered by Dr. West, not just dental implants, please feel free to visit our main Boulder dentist website today!

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